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Meet Our Horses

The Best Educators

Our incredible horses are truly the heart of Entire Equine Solutions. Their hard work, good hearts, and talent are the foundation of our program. Take a look below to learn more about them.



16h Thoroughbred

Warren is our seasoned hunter and equitation horse. He came off a successful career on the racetrack and is our "done it all" guy. He has done everything from competing on the UC Davis equestrian team to carrying a flag for drill team practice to being a lease horse for an 80 year old. He has the experience and work ethic for everything from beginner lessons to the hunter show ring.


16h Andalusian

More suited to advanced riders, Tempi has the athleticism to take you to the next level in your riding. A forward and scopey jumper, she is the favorite of all our advanced students. She also excels on the dressage court. She is the sweetest mare and loves being pampered, especially by littles.



14.2h Azteca

Don't let his short stature fool you, Tango has big heart. From western to jumping, this little guy likes to do it all. With his big personality, Tango is great for riders of all skill levels.


15.3h Thoroughbred

Archer is the newest addition to our team. Despite being recently off the racetrack, he is already impressing everyone with his intelligence, willingness, and athleticism. Although he is currently only for advanced students, we expect him to grow into a wonderful, all-around eventer.



11h Pony

Charlie is our sweet little paint pony. He loves birthday parties and pony rides. He is also available for lessons for our littlest riders.

Our Horses: Team

We also have access to several other lesson horses not owned by Entire Equine Solutions.

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